Free Library Memberships!

Jan. 01, 2024

Town of Mundare Library to Offer Free Library Cards

Beginning January 1, 2024 anyone living in Mundare and surrounding area will be eligible to register at the library to receive a free library card.  An Application for TRAC/TAL Card must be completed (available at the library), along with the presentation of one piece of photo identification bearing the applicant’s permanent address. The library card is valid from the date of issue to the date of expiry, unless revoked by the Library Manager.

The Town of Mundare Library Board is currently able to provide free library card service for a couple of reasons:  1) an increase in funding from the provincial government and town council and 2) the support provided from the Friends of Mundare Library Society – the fundraising arm of the library.

Patrons who have existing library cards will continue with free library cards at their expiry date annually.

Responsibilities of a Cardholder

  • The cardholder named on the library card will be the only person who may use the card – the cardholder may designate alternate people to access library records.
  • The cardholder is responsible for all library items borrowed on their card and will compensate the library for all library items damaged or lost while borrowed on their card. 
  • The Regional Library System (NLLS) emails overdue notices to patrons.  Cardholders who have reached a maximum fine of $10.00 or have other fees totaling an amount greater than $10.00 will not be allowed to borrow resources until their amount is paid.

The Town of Mundare Library Board Policy Bylaw - Conditions Under Which Library Resources Will Be Loaned has been reviewed to make the widest possible selection of library items available to all patrons of the Town of Mundare Library, and to facilitate the return of library items in good condition and in a timely manner.  The Town of Mundare Library will uphold the obligations of participation in the Public Library Network, the Northern Lights Library System, the Alberta Library (TAL) Card program and the ME Libraries Program.  The Town of Mundare Library Board Policy Bylaws are available for viewing at the library.